Last year the club built the first phase of the planned three staged extensions and improvements, namely The Three Ells Trust Suite. It has increased the capacity, so much so, it has become very much more a part of the community, which has always been the objective of the football club and is available for functions of all types.

Phase two is to build an extension on the back of the clubhouse which will incorporate additional facilities, not least of all, a lift which will enable everyone to get to the upstairs to use and enjoy the benefits the clubhouse can offer.

Phase three will be to install a 3G all-weather pitch, which will allow the club to introduce more outdoor activities to the whole community, again, advancing our ambition of becoming the heart of the community on Portland. It will allow us to commence Walking, Disabled & Ladies football as well as training for all local clubs and further afield.

Phase one was completed with grant aid from various funding, along with massive contributions from club benefactors as well as our own funds.

We are now embarking on phase two and as a way of helping the football club, it is offering everyone a part to play in the funding of this exciting next stage, namely “The Buy-A-Brick” campaign. No, your name will not go on a brick, but will be acknowledged in the club. A donation of £25.00 per brick or multiples thereof would be of immense help towards the overall cost of the project.

Planning application: P/FUL/2024/00049

Any support you are able to give is very much appreciated.

Our sincere thanks to all those who have donated so far.