Portland United FC acknowledges its responsibility to safeguard the welfare of all those who engage with the club.
We are committed to protecting children and young people from any harm and maintaining a positive and supportive environment.

Our Child Wellbeing and Protection Officer is Randle Gates, who is responsible for ensuring we meet the highest standards.
Randle can be contacted via email on welfare@portlandunitedfc.uk or by telephone on 079288341060.

Portland United FC’s Child Wellbeing and Protection Policies are accessible via the below links.

Club Development Plan +

To view our safeguarding policy click here.

Anti Bullying Policy +

To view our anti bullying policy click here.

FA Football Leadership Diversity Code +

To view our football leadership diversity code click here

Safeguarding Children Policy (Youth Teams) +

To view our safeguarding children policy (Youth Teams) click here

Safeguarding Children Policy (Adult Teams with U18 Players) +

To view our safeguarding children policy (Adult Teams with U18 Players) click here

Equality Policy +

To view our equality policy click here

Respect Code of Conduct +

To view our respect code of conduct policy click here

Safeguarding Youth Declaration +

To view our safeguarding youth declaration policy click here

Safeguarding Declaration Open Age Football +

To view our safeguarding open age football declaration click here

PUFC Club Rules and Constitution +

To view the club’s rules and constitution click here